Tuesday, March 15, 2016


3. Structural strategy in Translation

There are three basic strategy that related to structure problem, which is:


The addition in this structure is addition of words in target language. This kind of addition is not a matter of choice, but it’s a must.


The meaning of deduction is there’s deduction of structural element in target language. Just like addition, this deduction is a must.


Transposition is a must that if without this strategy then the source language’s meaning will not be delivered. Transposition became a choice if done only just because of language style. With this strategy, translator change the original structure of source language in target language to obtain the similar effect. This change could be a changing from singular to plural form, adjective position, to changing the overall sentence’s structure. Dividing one sentence of source language to two or more sentences of target language, or joining two or more sentences of source language to one sentence of target language also included in this strategy.

Transposition can be done because consideration of language style or stylistics.

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