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Kota Tua

            As you know there’s a place in Jakarta that very popular amongs tourist. And those place called Kota Tua from the name itself you must known that it was an old town. In 1619 Jayakarta was destroyed by VOC and a year later they made a new town called Batavia , people that lived in Batavia called Batavianen.  Batavia “Jewel of Asia” and “Queen of the East” named by European sailors in 16th Century. Popular because they used it as a port to trade items such as spices and tobacco. In 1635 Kota Tua expanded to west of Ciliwung and Batavia was completed build in 1650. From 1835 to 1870 the dutch expanded their area to the south as well. Now “Betawi” is what you called with Batavianen before , the real etchic from Jakarta.

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          In 1942 Batavia was renamed by Japanese during the Japanese invade become Jakarta, now known as capital city of Indonesia. In 1972 Jakarta Governor at that time Ali Sadikin made Kota Tua as official heritage site, he said that to prevented one of the most historical site from being destroyed and abandoned or at least left it be. The size of Kota Tua is 15 hectare from north to west. From the old buildings in Kota Tua you will know there are so many influences from European, also the architecture and canal system that very popular or known as european style building. So many landmark in here such as museum and houses built by the dutch.

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